10 2019 | NEWS

 11Paying for the YouTube Premium Membership with a my paysafecard account

YouTube becomes a new partner

With the introduction of paysafecard as a payment option for the premium content service of YouTube, the subsidiary of Google opens up the potential of millions of new customers, who are now already using the simple and secure paysafecard online payment option. In addition to offers in the "Google Play" app store, "my paysafecard" account holders can now also pay for the YouTube Premium Membership with their credit balance. After this, they can watch YouTube contents completely without advertisements, listen to music via a dedicated YouTube channel or download YouTube original series and films. With YouTube Premium, it is also possible to let videos run in the background or watch them offline, while other apps are being used.


First Play Store, now YouTube

The newly-created opportunity to pay for YouTube Premium using the my paysafecard account is the latest development in the partnership between Paysafe and Google. It follows the successful introduction of paysafecard as a payment method in the entire Google Play store last year.

"We are very pleased that we are already able to expand the cooperation with Google to another part of the portfolio after such a short time. This shows the attraction of the target group which Google can address through our additional payment option", stresses paysafecard CEO, Udo Müller, explaining how important the expansion of the cooperation is for him.


Millions of potential customers

He is not only referring to the more than 130 million Europeans who according to the World Bank currently have insufficient access to financial services to take part in the digital market. He is also looking at the constantly growing number of people who do not wish to disclose their financial details so frequently due to concerns about online security.