04 2018 | BUSINESS


Discover four new markets with us

In Montenegro, preparations for the launch of paysafecard are currently the most advanced. The games community there should be able to enjoy their own paysafecard from probably the second quarter of 2018, tailored exclusively for the online gaming and online entertainment markets. Anyone who would also like to pay for online sports bets in this southeastern European country will soon be able to do that with paysafecard gold. With this, payments can be made to online betting providers who have a current licence for online betting in Montenegro.

Boom in Montenegro

This new market is particularly interesting because the country on the southeastern coast of the Adriatic is becoming a more and more popular target for tourism, which is strengthening economic development. Currently, however, only a little over half the 650,000 inhabitants of this EU candidate country have internet access. On the other hand, the use of mobile phones is above average, which suggests that marked increases in internet usage should also be expected. paysafecard will be sold in Montenegro through the filling station network and will be available in denominations of EUR 5,10, 25, 50 and 75.

Other countries: Paraguay, Iceland and Moldova

The additional countries that the paysafecard team has in mind for the coming months are also very promising. This is because in Paraguay, Iceland and Moldova, there are currently no other relevant providers of prepaid payment services. "We will start with all our verticals in all three markets," says Martin Penzes, Head of International Expansion. "For example, this will include online dating, music and film entertainment as well as social media and communities. We are convinced that we will be able to use our "First Mover Advantage" particularly effectively there. And we hope that many merchants will accompany us."

Growth Market: Paraguay

Paraguay should offer particular potential for the paysafecard range. The South American country, bordering on the big economies of Brazil and Argentina, has a large agricultural sector. According to the World Bank, over 40% of its population of roughly 7 million have no access to accounts or credit cards. Despite this, more and more people are using the Internet there. The current penetration is over 50% – and it keeps growing.

Heavy User: Iceland

The situation in Iceland is very different. With around 103,000 m2, this is the second largest island state of Europe, which has just 346,750 residents, but one of the highest living standards and per capita income in the world. In the Human Development Index, the country was as high as 9th place in 2016. Iceland is connected to the Internet by three submarine cables. It is one of the countries with the highest proportion of internet users in the world.

Newcomer: Moldova

Moldova has, in this respect, some way to go compared to Iceland. But even there, the Internet now reaches around 70% of the country's three million inhabitants. The country used to be one of the most prosperous of the Soviet republics. The Republic of Moldova has only existed as an independent country since 1991. The economy is dominated by agriculture and the processing of agricultural products.

Are you interested in the new paysafecard markets and want to have access to these countries? Then please get in touch with your Account Manager or send an email to sales@paysafecard.com.