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Teens and silver agers spend above average online

Teenagers in Germany spend an average of € 195 euros per month online - more than every other age group in their country. But research carried out for an international study shows that so-called 'Silver Agers' are even bigger spenders on the Internet.

Games or Books? Hoverboards or tickets for a Mediterranean cruise? The Internet has something on offer for every age group, but in Germany, it is those between 16-19 years that spend above average online. They buy goods and services valued at €195 every month via computers and smartphones. However, it is their grandparents, who on average spend €193 every 30 days who are a close second, research shows.

Top 'Silver Ager' spenders live in Switzerland
The older generation (aged 60-69) from neighboring European countries like Austria and Switzerland spend even more online. Austria's so-called Silver Agers outlay € 204 per month while the Swiss top this age group, making online purchases to the value of €400 per month.

By contrast, the online spending patterns of younger age groups in these countries are completely different. Swiss teens between the ages of 16-19 spend the least, outlaying only € 70 for online goods and services. The figure is slightly higher in Austria where teens spend €85 per month. Only teens in the UK come close to matching the spending power of their peers in Germany with the equivalent of € 144 per month, the research revealed.

Security the top concern, study shows

The study also showed that online and data security is a topic of concern for all participants, regardless of age group. For example, some 86.1 percent of all those surveyed in Germany stated that data security is "very important" for them. The importance of data security proved to be increasingly important, especially for older online shoppers, where 79.1 to 90 percent of participants stated it was an issue for them.