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Our POS network continues to grow

At present, paysafecard is sold and topped up worldwide in more than 600,000 sales outlets, such as news agents, supermarkets and petrol stations. You can find all of them via our POS heat map below. Just zoom in.

You can find paysafecard Points of Sale in exotic places such as the northernmost in the island capital of Honningsvåg on the Norse island of Magerøya. Or the southernmost in Ushaia at the southern tip of Tiera del Fuego in Argentina. But you can also buy a paysafecard at our highest-altitude outlet in Peru at 5,100 metres above sea level in La Rinconanda, the highest-altitude city in the world.
For our merchants and customers, a dense sales network means: Everyone who intends to pay with paysafecard actually also has the possibility of acquiring the payment instrument in their direct vicinity. A growing POS network therefore also constantly expands the number of consumers, who can pay with paysafecard on your website.

The fact that our worldwide presence is growing rapidly is also shown by the latest new entrants in diverse countries:

• 4,600 Polish postal outlets recently began selling paysafecard.

• In Argentina paysafecard is now live with well-known retail chain "Open25“ (122 stores) through or ARG distribution partner SEAC. 

• We just began our move into Brazil alongside sales partner RV Tecnologia, which will offer paysafecard at 40,000 sales outlets.
• In Croatia, paysafcard is now sold at the Tifon gas station network. (2,500 POS)

• In Sweden, we partner with retail group Oxford and make our prepaid solution available at 130 Hemköp and 150 Willys shops.

• And in Latvia we added 58 LaTS shops to our POS network.