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»In particular in Europe, we are an extremely well-known brand in the gambling sector.«
Robert Tully, Gaming and FX Sales Manager, paysafecard

INCREASED BRAND AWARENESS The gambling company of the French state is, however, already one of the big players in Europe. 26 million users, US$ 14.3bn turnover and 31,000 Points of Sale are just a few of the impressive numbers which illustrate that paysafecard could now also substantially increase its brand awareness in France. The company already has an excellent position as a payment method in many other markets. “In particular in Europe, we are an extremely well-known brand in the gambling sector. This applies among others to France, Greece, Poland and Austria. However, our largest market in Europe is undoubtedly Germany,” says Robert Tully. NEW DEAL WITH SKY BET This market dominance is likely to be one of the ­reasons that persuaded the UK provider “Sky Bet” to use paysafecard in its new involvement in Germany. “In a recent piece of customer research, despite the ‘Sky Bet Germany’ product being seen as the strongest in the German market – with industry leading prices, an expansive depth of market coverage, with live Streaming on almost every sport and with comprehensive and ­great value Cash Out options – the absence of paysafecard was provided as a key reason for rejection. As a result, ‘Sky Bet’ has recently launched paysafecard to offer the customer the full and unparalleled sports betting experience”, explained Sebastian Butterworth, Head of International at Sky Betting and Gaming. Since September 17, customers there have been able to top up their Skybet accounts with paysafecard. “paysafecard is so well-established in ­Germany in this market segment that the customers ­actively demand paysafecard as a payment method if they cannot pay with it. It was therefore clear that we can help ‘Sky Bet’ to enter the German market successfully.” The home market in Britain and their Italian site skybet.it, however, is not yet included. “I am sure that ‘Sky Bet’ wants to see first how the transaction volumes with paysafecard develop in the test market. But I am confident that paysafecard will soon be a standard in the checkout there as well.” This market dominance is likely to be one of the ­reasons that persuaded the UK ­provider “Sky Bet” to use ­paysafecard in its new involve­ment in Germany.  


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Two big wins for paysafecard

Gambling and sports book operators “La Française des Jeux” (FDJ) and “Sky Bet” are now offering paysafecard as a new payment method. They gain access to a size­able new demographic group through this move in France and Germany.

“The summer was an intensive time for us,” says Robert Tully, Gaming and FX Sales Manager for paysafecard, and laughs. “La Française des Jeux wanted to ensure they were live with us for the 2018 football World Champion­ship and with a joint effort we got there,” he comments, looking back on intensive and successful weeks in May and June. Consequently, since June 8 it has now been possible to pay with PINs on the platform of the second- largest provider in Europe.

This includes “ParionsSport,” the “FDJ” betting platform, as well as the online casinos, virtual bingo halls and the lottery web pages of “FDJ”. “As the timing, coinciding with the World Champion­ship, was ideal, both ­sides immediately benefited from the cooperation and got off to a flying start,” Tully reports: “Our transaction volumes increased sharply in the first days, steadily rose throughout the duration of the tournament (particularly because of France’s
outstanding performance in the World Cup) and have since maintained a high level.” paysafecard
is also a real growth opportunity for “La Française des Jeux,” the Sales Manager emphasises, since it appeals to completely new user groups: “We help ‘FDJ’ to reach people who do not use either credit or debit cards, who simply don’t have a bank account and in particular for ­betting, attach great value to security. That is a highly relevant ­market segment, particularly in the gambling sector.”