07 2018 | INSIDE

 11 During weekdays there is always someone available at Techsupport. There is even a new Skype support channel now. © Shutterstock

Problem Solvers

The seven members of paysafecard's Techsupport team help merchants and distributors with their integration process and take care of all their minor and major problems. Their success rate is an astonishing 95 %.

Around 25,000 support cases are handled each year by ­Matthias Walch, the Head of Department for Partner ­Integration & Support, and his six-person team. One ­product manager on the team is exclusively ­responsible for new products, technical changes and upgrades. Three team members support the integration of new merchants, ­while two maintain the ongoing operation. "We have 40 products in service, so there are smaller or ­larger ­problems every day to be solved as quickly as ­possible with our ­business partners," says Walch about his everyday work. The worst case for his team is a payment failure. "This has the highest priority for us, of course, and the service is ­therefore very quickly up and running again," he said ­proudly.

The numbers generally show the success of Techsupport: the support team solves 95 % of cases immediately. The seven interface technicians only need help from the local IT team or third parties in 1 to 3 % of cases. In order to improve their service further, they even started a survey last year with the title "Every partner counts." The findings: the merchants also wanted a Skype support channel. "We introduced this feature this year for our new business partners and it is used very intensively," says Walch. "We can process the support cases much more directly over our shared Skype account and the response time falls even further." For emergencies, there is even a response team on weekends and public holidays. Walch and his team do not want a single paysafecard partner to be left alone with his problems.