11 Customers are looking for choice and competitive pricing in the remittance space. A big opportunity to gain traction in the market. © Shutterstock

Local or international: Send & Receive with Skrill and NETELLER

These are exciting times in the money transfer space for Paysafe brands Skrill and NETELLER as they increase and improve global send money services for consumers and businesses.

From simple wallet-to-wallet transfers to direct overseas payments to multiple local receive and withdraw ­options, there is a massive amount of activity happening in this area. Customers are looking for choice and competitive pricing in the remittance space, and this represents a big opportunity for Paysafe to gain traction in the ­market. It is clear that there is a huge market for customers who wish to access money sent to them fast, as cash in local currency and in convenient ways that are relevant to them in their region. Paysafe is making this a reality thanks to strategic partnerships globally with payment partners. These partners include not only local banks but also a variety of Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) across Africa, Asia, Latin America & Eastern Europe such as M-Pesa (Kenya), eZCash (Sri Lanka), eSewa (Nepal), GCash & Smart (Philippines) and MTN (Ghana).

Paysafe makes sending and receiving money faster, easy and low-cost. In just a few clicks, customers can send funds anywhere or choose how and where they wish to receive any funds sent to them. Digital wallet ­holders can now receive funds to their wallets, using just an email address, or directly to a local bank or a mobile ­wallet. Countries where we are providing and expand­ing these range of services include Pakistan, Nigeria, ­Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Russia, Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, Armenia, Albania, Nepal, Fiji, Burkina Faso and Indonesia, with many more being added.

Paysafe has the assets and people in place to expand in multiple regions around the globe. Bringing together licenses, platform, processes, payment networks, our operations and teams, the aim is to offer an increasing range of services with significant benefits to both new and existing customers. Watch this space …