06 2019 | NEWS

 11Merchant Service Center (MSC) Dashboard – added reporting functions

Reports the easy way

March, all of the paysafecard reporting functions have been combined in the Merchant Service Center (MSC). For this, authorised users only need to select the "Reporting" or "Dashboard" tab in the menu on the left after logging in. Under "Dashboard", there is a concise overview of all successful transaction activities, which is intended to help merchants adjust their monetisation strategies on a daily basis. You can get a quick overview in the dashboard using the following information:

- Number of transactions today 
- Transactions volume today in MID currency 
- Average transaction amount today in MID currency 
- Last 7 days’ view of the transaction count 
- Last 7 days’ view of transaction volume in MID currency 
- The top 5 countries in terms of transaction count over the last 7 days. 
- The comparison of desktop vs mobile transactions (%) in last 7 days



In addition to this graphically presented summary, all of the successful transactions for a Merchant ID (MID) can be displayed with the detailed "Settlement Report" during a freely selectable time period of up to 12 months. The extensive filtering options are new here, allowing the data to be analysed in detail. Filtering can take place by transaction type, for example payment, payout and refund, or if the transaction was made using a voucher or a my paysafecard account. Or if the transaction was made using a voucher or a my paysafecard account. In addition to this, there are 23 available filter criteria, which can be selected individually by dragging and dropping - such as filtering by Invoice Number, Transaction ID (TID) or Customer PSC ID or Business Type.



The additional filtering options are particularly interesting for the "Transaction Report". The MSC users see all of the transactions there, i.e. also those which were not successful, or which are currently still being settled. For example, a specific "payout/refund status" allows a search for unsuccessful payouts and a dedicated error code provides information about the reasons for it.



To be able to use the full functional scope of these reporting tools, a so-called "Superuser" must be defined for each merchant. This "Superuser" defines the roles for all other users of the MSC. Therefore, only specifically authorised persons can view financial results. For example, the "Transaction Report" and "Settlement Report" can only be retrieved by users with the "Finance" role attribution. At the same time, it is possible for other users to continue using other functions of the MSC. For example, there are role attributions such as "Technical", so that configurations can be modified without access being possible to the "Settlement Report".



If you haven’t defined a superuser yet, please reach out to us now: 

You can also find a detailed description of all MSC functions for paysafecard here: https://www.paysafecard.com/fileadmin/Website/Dokumente/B2B/paysafecard_MRT_documentation.pdf