11 Rapid Transfer provides a payment option that opens up a much faster transaction method for online merchants. © Shutterstock

Rapid Transfer: Skrill boosts its instant banking option

Rapid Transfer allows consumers to upload funds to their digital wallet and make online payments instantly from their bank account without leaving a merchant’s website.

Available in the UK, in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, ­Hungary, Poland and Spain with more than 100 banks, Rapid Transfer provides consumers with a payment option that has the convenience of traditional online banking and opens up a faster transaction method for online merchants. ­Optimised for mobile, desktop and other ­devices, Rapid Transfer ­negates the need for multiple ­log-ins, offering consumers a seamless, quick and ­secure experience.  Once Skrill has verified that the requested funds are available, the ­payment is confirmed to the merchant in real-­time. For merchants, the benefits include receiving ­payments instantly using Skrill’s banking network; higher sales conversion rates thanks to no customer ­registration ­required; and a safe and secure payment method with easy integration mechanisms. CEO Digital Wallets at ­Paysafe Lorenzo Pellegrino said: “Rapid ­Transfer is a fast, safe and convenient instant banking solution for ­consumers to move funds, and it provides merchants with an improved payment option with competitive conversion rates. It’s another way for merchants to offer consumers fast and effective payment choices.”