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06 2019 | SECURITY11 2018 | SECURITY

 11PSD 2 Directive - Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

PSD 2: We are ready!

The SCA process provides the advantage of offering a far more secure means of payment. The new authentication rules are supposed to make online fraud even more difficult, and help online merchants protect themselves.

SCA has to be applied when using the following products: "my paysafecard" and the "paysafecard Mastercard”. In accordance with the regulation, the authentication shall be based on at least two factors which are categorised as knowledge (e.g. password), possession (e.g. phone) and inherence (e.g. fingerprint).



paysafecard has been working on making this new process as smooth and intuitive as possible for both customers and merchants. Customer usability remains intact and no additional work is required by merchants. In order to better familiarise the user with these requirements, the new process will already be available to our users well in advance of coming into effect. Please find some further information on the implementation of the new SCA requirement below.



1- As usual, the users first enter their username and password.

2- The users receive a push-notification over their paysafecard app or by text message.

3- As soon as the push notification is confirmed by the user, the payment is carried out.



Please be informed that in some instances exceptions from SCA may apply to our products (e.g. trusted beneficiaries, payments under a certain limit, recurring payments and payments to self), meaning that no two-factor authentication will be required.

Do you still have any questions? Then please contact your Account Manager.