04 2018 | NEWS


Prepaid conquers the public sector

Toll Collect, the agency employed by the German Ministry of Transport to collect truck tools, introduced a new cash-like payment option, paysafecard, in addition to cash, as part of their further development of the toll system in December, 2017. The prepaid payment method is thereby being used for the first time in the public sector as well.

In order to be recognised as a payment method in the public sector in Germany, there are several prerequisites to be fulfilled: among other things, the cash replacement must correspond as closely as possible to cash, be available at a sufficient number of sales outlets in Germany and its neighbouring countries, as well as being usable online. paysafecard fulfils all these requirements. But above all, the huge international POS network with over 56,000 sales outlets in Germany alone and over 600,000 worldwide was one of the decisive reasons for integrating paysafecard with Toll Collect.

The new payment variant is principally directed at all transport companies and truck drivers who do not use automatic payment by means of an on-board unit in the vehicle. With paysafecard, these users of toll roads have the chance to pay without cash for manual registration at a toll booth terminal. The use of paysafecard makes the payment process more secure, faster and simpler for the truck drivers, since they no longer have to handle cash. At the same time, paysafecard is also significantly easier for Toll Collect, since the volume of cash in the terminals can be substantially reduced.

With paysafecard, Toll Collect also complies with the legal requirement to offer a cash-like payment option on the Internet as well for manual booking. Registered users with a desktop PC, a tablet or smartphone can book in the Toll Collect system before the journey starts and pay the toll. Toll Collect has also announced a booking app for spring 2018 for simple and uncomplicated payment using a tablet or smartphone.