10 2016 | NEWS

 11 Tifon gas stations in Croatia are among the newcomers in paysafecard's ever expanding POS network. © Shutterstock

paysafecard expands its POS network all over Europe

Sweden, Finland, Croatia or Latvia - paysafecard is now available at thousands of new Points of Sale in supermarkets, gas stations and shops.

Croatia: New distributor Tifon gas stations

Great news from sunny and warm Croatia! paysafecard is now also available at the Tifon gas station network there. People in Croatia can already buy PINs and top up their “my paysafecard” accounts with scan2pay and paysafecard direct at the INA gas station network. With the addition of the Tifon network paysafecard is taking a big step in making its services available at now more than 2,500 easily accessible POS all over this beautiful country on the adriatic coast.

Sweden: paysafecard partners with Axfood

paysafecard is now available at 280 Points of Sale at the Swedish retail group Axfood. Customers can now buy paysafecard scratch cards with a face value of 500 or 1,000 Swedish kronor in 130 Hemköp and 150 Willys shops. “We are very  happy to team up with a heavyweight in the Swedish retail business and are very confident that this means a big push forward for our cash for  internet solutions in the north of Europe,” Björn Katerbau, paysafecard’s chief distribution officer, said after the deal was closed. 

Finland: Network expanded

paysafecard is now available at 1,000 POS of the  “Kesko” retail brands “K­Market,” “Neste K” and “K­Citymarket.” The deal with this major Finnish Retail Group significantly expands the paysafecard POS network.  

Latvia: 58 LaTS shops added

paysafecard has added 58 LaTS shops to its Latvian POS network through cooperation with one of the most important retail chains in Latvia. By the end of the year this number will have grown to 120 POS.