03 2019 | NEWS



The cooperation with Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd is not the only way in which the paysafecard distribution network is being expanded at present. Here is an overview of the newest points of sale where paysafecard is now also available to buy:




MEXICO (total POS: ca 123,000)


  • 2,250 new POS with independent shops/kisoks
  • 3,460 new POS with “Electra”


ITALY (total POS: ca 82,000)


  • 3,000 new POS for paysafecard direct with independent stores/kiosk


ROMANIA (total POS: ca 27,695)


  • 6,500 new POS for paysafecard direct with „un-doi”


CANADA (total POS: ca 10,000)


  • 213 new POS with „Mobil“
  • 68 new POS with „MacEwen


NEW ZEALAND (total POS: ca 4,000)


  • 445 new POS with “Foodstuffs“


SAUDI ARABIA (total POS: ca 3,600)


  • 12 new POS with „Virgin Megastores“
  • 25 new POS with „Tokyo Games“
  • paysafecard is available in all of Saudi Arabia in USD and SAR denominations! (USD-Denominations: 10, 20, 50 and 100 USD; SAR-Denominations: 50, 100, 200 and 400 SAR)
  • Launch of new Blister Cards in USD and SAR. This will result in an even higher visibility at POS. Merchants will have the possibility for Co-Brandings, if they submit their logos before the next production run starts.


DENMARK (total POS: ca 2,000)


  • 120 new POS with „Sügro“
  • 20 new independent shops/kiosks


SWEDEN (total POS: ca 1,600)


  • 50 new POS with „Hemmakväll“
  • 100 new POS with „AudioVideo“
  • 260 new POS with independent shops/kiosks


LATVIA (total POS: ca 700)


  • 440 new POS with Aibe, Balt Stor, Civinity, Lats, Lukoil, Narvesen, Mega, Money Express, Virsi-A


KUWAIT (total POS: ca 300)


  • Launch of paysafecard with „Ubuy“ and „OG Money“, the trusted mobile wallet with the highest reach in Kuwait.
 11POS expansion, with “Aldi Nord” and “Aldi Süd” as new important distribution partners

POS: The Aldi Boost

We are very pleased that we have gained both Aldi company groups for a cooperation and paysafecard can now be bought in a whole series of countries in the Aldi discount stores", says Björn Katerbau, Vice President Distribution at paysafecard: "Both Aldi companies have extremely high market penetration, particularly in Europe. For example, in Germany and Austria, there is barely a town without an Aldi or Hofer supermarket. In the stores, we are addressing a target group for which paysafecard is particularly relevant because it very much appreciates cost control, likes to pay with cash and uses credit cards relatively rarely."



The number of supermarkets where paysafecard can be purchased is already impressive, particularly for Germany and Austria. For Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, there are more than 4000 stores, in Austria there are another 456 under the Hofer brand name. In addition to this, there are 189 POS of Aldi Switzerland and 497 sales outlets in the Netherlands. But that is just the beginning. In Belgium and Luxembourg, with more than 400 branches between them, the launch is just being prepared. "And the further rollout in Europe is currently being planned", explains Björn Katerbau "I hope that paysafecard will soon be available to buy in all Aldi stores on the entire continent. I think that this is also really good news for our merchants."