09 2018 | NEWS

 11 Thousands of new POS © paysafecard


The larger the number of Points of Sale (POS), the better for paysafecard online merchants. Because the easy availability of paysafecard is crucial for their conversion rates and turnover. In recent months, several thousand more Points of Sale have been added to the existing 600,000. Particularly welcome: the growth in Mexico and Denmark.

Mexico is an interesting market for paysafecard and its partners. The population is very young, employed in particular good jobs in the car industry and enjoy spending online for sports betting and PC games. The availability of paysafecard has now increased further in this Latin American country. Thanks to the cooperation with the country-wide distributors, paysafecard is available in 410 "kiosk" shops. 124 "Suburbia" stores and in "A Móvil" (telecommunications), "Waldos" (discounter) and "Juguetron" (toys). Through the last three partners alone, 649 sales outlets have been added to the already well-developed network.


Growth in Croatia and Bulgaria too

In addition, there is now the classic paysafecard prepaid solution in Bulgaria from Pulsar Game Shops, which appeal in particular to the especially exciting target group of young games enthusiasts. And in Croatia, 80 Credux filling stations joined the distribution network in July.


In Denmark, paysafecard has since August again been represented by paysafecard classic in the consumer markets "DagliBrugsen", "SuperBrugsen" and "Kvickly" of the Coop group, which are extremely well-known to Danish consumers. This alone adds a further 620 sales outlets.


Thousands of new paysafecard direct stores

But new products are also spreading rapidly. "paysafecard direct", the service where users can generate a barcode and load the credit directly into their "my paysafecard" account at the POS without having to enter the 16-digit PIN manually, is now available in thousands of shops worldwide. The latest additions are "BP", "Shell“" „Galp“, "Repsol", "Cepsa" and "Texaco" in Spain, with over 3,000 POS. "Sun7", "night&day" and "independent stores" with 179 POS in Belgium and 32 POS in Luxembourg.


This ensures that paysafecard is literally available at every corner in its markets. That is good news! For merchants as well.