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The cooperation with ESL thus also gives paysafecard even better access to an exciting target group. The ­gaming-oriented millennials get to know paysafecard as a secure and uncomplicated payment system ­through the ESL and eSports. Many will therefore also use paysafecard in other verticals online - for instance in the areas of social media, entertainment and ­online betting. "We can therefore also use the global ESL sponsorship to increase brand awareness for our merchant partners from other verticals through joint actions," suggests Martin Vettori, Head of Strategic Partnerships at paysafecard.

This is because figures from the current Newzoo eSports Report confirm that eSports enthusiasts in particular have substantial online buying power. Their number has been rising steadily for years. In 2017, the brand reached over 190 million worldwide. This represented a rate of increase of 18.3% over the previous year. For 2020, it is predicted that the number of eSports fans will go as high as 286 million. (see graph) An above average proportion of these also live in households with high incomes and are in full-time employment.

paysafecard will be doing a great deal to activate this community as part of the sponsorship. In addition to the event sponsorship, the company will be launching several global activations for the fans: for example, thanks to the "paysafecard Esports Hall of Fame" created with the help of paysafecard's commitment, well-known personalities are honoured each year for their performance in their eSports careers or in the eSports sector as a whole. "paysafecard Beat the Legends" gives fans or whole fan teams the chance to try their skills against ­professional gamers or influencers. And the "paysafecard Ultimate Experience" sends the most passionate eSports fans to one of the big ESL events. For gamers, therefore, 2018 should be an exciting year with paysafecard. Online merchants from all sectors should benefit from this in their brand awareness in this target group.

 11 IN 2020 286 Million people will watch eSports events on a regular basis. © ESL

paysafecard reinforces its eSports commitment

paysafecard has from 2018 been one of the few global partners of the ESL and is thereby reaching a target group that is particularly interesting for online merchants even more effectively.

Since January, paysafecard has been present as a global partner and sponsor at all ESL Flagship Events and the CS:GO Pro League. In addition, the market ­leader for online prepaid payments has been even more visible at various national competitions and in most ESL arenas. The company, active in over 46 ­countries, is thereby cementing its special position in the eSport environment. This current commitment as a global ESL sponsor is part of a long-term strategy from which merchants from other areas can also benefit. "The global gaming community is one of the main ­reasons why paysafecard was invented as a payment system," comments paysafecard CEO Udo Müller. "We are proud to support the ESL as one of the main ­sponsors and to contribute to the further ­development of this league for digital entertainment ­extending across countries, continents and cultures. Familiarity with the brand is thereby hugely increased among over 190 million eSport enthusiasts across the entire world."