05 2020 | NEWS

 11paysafecard now available also in Paraguay


In April 2020 Paraguay extended the list of South American countries offering paysafecard as a convenient prepaid option available in four nominals: 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 and 500,000 Paraguayan Guaraní1.

For 69% of roughly seven million2 Paraguayans who do not have a bank account this opens a new opportunity to pay with cash for online products and services. Taking into account that 65% of citizens have access to the internet3 and 96,6% are mobile phone users4, paysafecard can be seen as a safe and simple method to finish online transactions also by those who have not had this chance so far.

Credit cards are to be found only in 6,5% of Paraguayan wallets5. Thanks to paysafecard financial inclusion of the remaining population is becoming an obvious fact, especially when keeping in mind that the voucher can be bought in over 1,800 convenience stores, kiosks, grocery shops or petrol stations in the whole country. This is possible due to paysafecard´s cooperation with Practipago: a well-known payment and collection network.

A 16-digit PIN on paysafecard makes it easy and safe for cash-based consumers to become a part of the international community enjoying online purchases without disclosing vulnerable financial data on the Internet. Now also Paraguayans can benefit from this comfort and flexibility.

Are you curious about options for your business in Paraguay? Find out more about paysafecard and visit https://www.paysafecard.com/en/business/ or contact your Account Manager .


11 euro equates to around 7042 Guaraní

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