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 11 Juan loves sports betting and poker. That's why he loves the convenience of "my paysafecard". © Shutterstock

»I'm the biggest shark in the tank!«

We are able to find out who our customers are and what they want through our customer surveys and our internal data. We analyzed all collected data and summarized them into personas. This helps us to better visualize typical representatives of our target groups. The second paysafecard customer we want to introduce you to is Juan, a typical Spanish customer:

Juan places a lot of sports bets on his favorite teams, he likes to play poker and of course he likes online trading. He is a paysafecard customer for four two years now and uses my paysafecard as his preferred product for all his online activities. He likes the convenience of paying by username and password only and having all his PINs stored in one place. But the most important reason for using paysafecard is that he doesn't want to share his bank account or credit card details.