11 2016 | PERSONAS

 11 KAI, 16 years old, student from Germany loves to play League of Legends. © Shutterstock

»Keep calm and game on!«

We are able to find out who our customers are and what they want through our customer surveys and our internal data. We analyzed all collected data and summarized them into personas. This helps us to better visualize typical representa-tives of our target groups internally. The first paysafecard customer we want to introduce you to is Kai, typically from Germany.

Kai loves to play League of Legends (LoL) on his PC, and he also likes to play the latest  Battlefield on his games console. He is a paysafecard customer for four months now and uses paysafecard for all online purchases. The simple reason for that: He is too young for a credit card. But PINs also make a nice present and so his mother and granddad give some to him when they think, he deserves them. Kai loves that paysafecard is easy to handle and wants to keep the classic paysafecard PIN as his payment ­option later for that reason. The only exception would be if his ­favorite webshops o­ffer only “my paysafecard” as an option.