10 2017 | NEWS

 11 paysafecard direct is now available in 14 countries. And there are many more to be added soon. © Shutterstock

Rollout in new markets

Distributors in a growing number of countries are offering the convenience of topping up directly at POS.

paysafecard continues the successful roll out of its  paysafecard direct service. “my paysafecard” account users can top up their accounts at a POS just by scanning a barcode they generate on their computer or smartphone using the paysafecard app.

paysafecard direct is already available in 14 countries, including markets like Greece, Spain, Hungary or Belgium. In France, another important paysafecard direct market, the availability of the service will continue to grow as paysafecard’s distribution partner expands the number of POS that offer its customers a direct load function. 

paysafecard is supporting this move with a  marketing campaign that started in June. New countries on the map are Switzerland, where paysafecard went live with its partner Valora in April, and Czech Republic, where customers are able to generate codes. Finland and Poland are next, according to the schedule. And there are many more to follow.