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 11 Truck drivers can pay road tolls in Germany via paysafecard since the beginning of this year. © Shutterstock

paysafecard keeps on trucking

Truckers in Germany can pay road tolls now with paysafecard. This marks the first time this unique cash-based online payment method is used in the public sector and proofs paysafecards potential in new verticals.

From July 1, the company Toll Collect, which is employed by the German Ministry of Transport to collect tolls, is extending the truck toll to all German federal roads.The network of roads subject to tolls will thereby be extend­ed from 15,000 kilometres of ­motorway to a total of 52,000 kilometres. At the same time, the number of physical toll terminals will be reduced. Whereas up to now there were 3,600 terminals in operation, there are currently only 1,100.

This is because the new Toll ­Collect toll system concentrates on online bookings. For the great majority of drivers who do not use automatic ­on-board units, a special app was therefore developed. Journeys using trucks of at least 7.5 tons on the German road network can now also be calculated and paid for using PCs, smartphones or tablets. What is especially of note is that Toll Collect has ­introduced paysafecard as a new payment method for both ­online booking and the ­stationary ­terminals.


»State agencies and the public sector are most often obliged in particular for fees and services to ensure that people who only can or want to pay with cash are not excluded.«

- Walter Tauchner, Vice President for Partner Management at paysafecard


“There were several ­decisive reasons for us to choose ­paysafecard as an additional payment option,” says Franziska Szekeres, Market­ing Specialist at Toll Collect GmbH. “First, the well-developed distribution net­work in Germany and the whole of Europe, based primarily on petrol stations as the point of sale.” This is ideal for truck drivers. “Second, paysafecard seemed to us very simple to use.” For the truckers, the payment process with paysafecard is indeed much faster and simpler. They no longer need to handle cash at the toll ­terminals, which greatly increases their security. In ­addition, during online booking, carriers are no longer required to entrust their staff with a credit card or expect them to undertake complicated online transfer ­procedures. At the same time, paysafecard also substantially reduces the burden on Toll Collect, since the cash volumes in the terminals can be considerably reduced. Payments are now directly booked in the bookkeeping system of Toll Collect. Laborious counting and calculation is no longer needed. 

The result of the cooperation is a win-win situation: ­paysafecard can prove itself in a new market environment and Toll Collect meets its legal obligation to offer a cash-­like payment option for manual booking on the internet, by using paysafecard. 
The last point in particular is an interesting aspect for an online payment option based on cash, ­according to Walter Tauchner, Vice President for Partner Management at paysafecard. “State agencies and the ­public sector are most often obliged in particular for fees and services to ensure that people who only can or want to pay with cash are not excluded. This is especially ­important for Germany, since the population enormously appreciate cash.”

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Drivers from countries like the Czech Republic or Poland, where credit cards are less widely used, can now pay their tolls via paysafecard and app, without having to drive to one of the fixed toll terminals in the ­border area.

In order to ensure that truckers and logistics companies quickly and ­nationwide learn about the new possibilities, paysafecard has started a marketing campaign in partner­ship with ­various media. In Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, advertorials will be placed ­throug­hout the year in particularly relevant media such as “Traktuell,” ­“Trucker online,” “eurotransport.de,” “TSL Biznes” and “Polski Traker,” to increase awareness across national borders of the advantages of paysafecard in the new toll system.

“In addition, in Austria, there will be a joint venture with motorblock.at, in which five 1-20 second video clips will be produced which we will also be distributing through our own channels,” adds Heike Lamprecht, Senior Marketing Project Manager at paysafecard. She is also convinced of the commercial potential of the new business cases for paysafecard: “I think that long-distance drivers are an ­exciting target group for our verticals. If they don’t ­already know us, they will pretty certainly soon learn about us ­through the new toll system.” The potential for paysafecard will also be enormous for the toll itself, Lamprecht ­believes. “Estimates suggest that the extension to ­federal roads will ­impose the toll obligation on 30,000 additional companies. I am sure that many of them will use ­paysafecard in future.”