11 Paysafe now offers EMV-­ready mobile point of sale and online payment solutions to merchants in Canada, the US and Europe. © Shutterstock

Paysafe launches EMV-enabled global omni-channel

Through the expanded partnership with Handpoint Paysafe offers end-to-end frictionless payments online, in-store and through mobile devices and tablets.

Paysafe has expanded its long-term partnership with Handpoint, the award-winning FinTech provider ­powering NextGen point of sale (POS), to offer EMV-­ready mobile point of sale and online payment solutions to merchants and partners in Canada, the US and Europe. Through this partnership, Paysafe offers end-to-end ­frictionless payments online, in-store and through mobile devices and tablets. The global solution supports ­Paysafe’s ­growing Integrated Partnership Channel. This provides Value ­Added Resellers and Independent ­Software ­Vendors and Software-as-a-Service companies, such as ­Membership Management Platforms, Donor Management Platforms and Field Service Software Applications, with the ability to take in-person or online payments using a solution that is directly integrated into their technology ­platforms. ­According to a Forrester report, business suppliers are ­racing to meet buyer demands driven by consumer online buying experiences. 83% of B2B sellers are either in the process of upgrading/implementing their e-commerce suite or planning to do so within six months. ­Paysafe’s omni-channel solutions enable merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH (Direct Debit) payments through its PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway. The solutions offer ­tokenization to protect and safely ­store customer data, and use Paysafe’s state-of-the-art REST APIs and SDKs for seamless integration.

»Our Integrated Partnership Program is one of the most complete in the market today.«

- Danny Chazonoff,

COO, Paysafe Group plc

The new Paysafe MPOS mobile app for iOS and ­Android is built exclusively to work with Handpoint’s secure ­mobile payments solution, and is perfect for merchants looking to accept in-field payments. Software ­developers can also choose to integrate user-­friendly SDKs for mobile ­platforms and cloud-based POS to take advantage of ­Paysafe and Handpoint’s end-to-end mobile EMV solution: P2PE security, pre-certified EMV, fast and easy merchant activation, and remote terminal management. Danny Chazonoff, Chief Operating Officer at Paysafe, ­commented: “As the payments landscape evolves, integrated payment solutions are becoming ­increasingly important to a merch­ant’s payment offering. With our global reach and support of local payment methods through a single integration to our proprietary gateway platform, our Integrated Partner­ship Program is one of the most complete in the market today. Our omni-channel capabilities, supported by our long-standing relationship with Handpoint, further solidify our value proposition for our partners and merchants around the world.” David Gudjonsson, CEO and co-­founder of Handpoint, said: “Our complementary relationship with Paysafe allows us to work together on deploying multichannel payment solutions to businesses and merchants worldwide. We’re excited to continue to support Paysafe with our award-winning mPOS and POS solutions.” Paysafe and Handpoint exhibited at the Money20/20 show in Las Vegas where they ­provided demos of mPOS and POS solutions. 

Handpoint has pioneered major innovations in the mobile payments market, including developing an mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution with EMV ­payments and has won multiple awards for the high pace of innovation in developing their backend and frontend ­enabling platform.