10 2017 | NEWS

 11 Customers can use the payout service to withdraw funds at an ATM using paysafecard Mastercard card. © Shutterstock

Payout feature is now available for PSPs

Payment Service Providers are now able to offer paysafecard’s payout feature to their gambling merchants.

The payout service allows gambling operat ors to send money back to their customers via paysafecard. Customers can request a withdrawal to their “my paysafecard” account by simply entering their registered email address. As soon as the merchant completes the withdrawal, the funds are instantly credited to the balance of the customer’s “my paysafecard” account. The customer can use the balance to make another online payment or withdraw the funds at an ATM using paysafecard Mastercard® card.

Live in 29 countries
“Payout has been extremely successful with our direct merchants,” says Bettina Borbola, paysafecard’s PSP Manager: “So we have extended our feature to the reach of PSPs to help them to match their merchant’s demand and to be able to offer a payout.” So far about 70 merchants are now live, and processing with payout and customers from 29 countries are using the service. These numbers prove that payout is a very relevant feature with volumes increasing rapidly month on month.”

For further information, please contact your corresponding point of contact at paysafecard or send an email to: success@paysafecard.com