07 2017 | INSIDE

 11 Patrick Lebenbauer, Katrin Gruber and Philipp Wurzian come up with all the great ideas for paysafecard's partner marketing program. © paysafecard

Meet the guys at partner marketing

paysafecard offers a unique service in the payments industry. They work together with business partners to devise very efficient marketing measures.

Whether the objective is to win new customers, reactivate the customer base or simply increase brand recognition, the guys at paysafecard have the right solution. “There are not many companies that are so committed to offering customized marketing campaigns for their partners,” explains Philipp Wurzian who is responsible for cooperating with all of paysafecard’s many games merchants. Wurzian is also a dedicated gamer. At 35, he still spends some of his precious spare time on games like Dark Souls – the Ringed City, or Blizzards Hearthstone free to play. “I try to keep up to date with what makes gamers tick nowadays. It helps me do my job well,” he says. paysafecard has established strong ties with the gaming community through people like Wurzian. One of the channels they use is their Facebook site, which is mainly dedicated to gaming. “We use Facebook and our newsletter channel to do promotions and competitions with our partners. These have a reach of 1.5  million subscribers worldwide,” says Wurzian.

What he has achieved for his vertical Katrin Gruber aims to repeat for new business merchants and distributors. “Of course doing promotions with Spotify is different to creating awareness for a free ­to ­play game,” explains the 30-­year­-old, who has a degree in media management. She tries to help Spotify, for example, by lowering the threshold for users entering their subscription model: “With paysafecard, it is a lot easier and safer to try the subscription model once, and to test it. Many who do so then choose to keep their Spotify subscription. It’s a perfect example of how our campaigns can help recruit new customers,” says Gruber, herself a music fanatic. Rarely a weekend goes by when she’s not checking out one of the new indie bands in town like “Kasabian,” or hot Austrian newcomer “Bilderbuch.”

Patrick Lebenbauer has the same in ­depth understanding of a merchant’s customer base. He is responsible for partner marketing campaigns for the gambling vertical. The 29­-year-­old Austrian has already had a career in semi­professional online poker. “I actually paid for my first game with paysafecard,” he recalls and then talks about how he funded his other hobbies with his passion for poker. The types of cooperation he negotiates on a daily  basis are often strongly focused on reactivating existing customers. “A very common way would be to include a free paysafecard voucher in a newsletter that our partner sends to his customers,” explains Lebenbauer. This strategy works very well, but he also keeps a close eye on all the new developments in sports betting, bingo, casino, and poker. “Right now we are doing co­branded promotions in Greece, which are sent via SMS to the customers’ phones. I believe that  there will be a strong focus on push notifications and SMS in the very near future, as more and more people play and bet on smartphones while on their way to work or during their lunch break.” That’s exactly, what Lebenbauer does from time to time. And this is one of the reasons why the team at partner marketing is so special. They really understand what customers like.