10 2016 | NEWS

 11 The many new ­features of “my paysafecard” are now made available in more markets. © Shutterstock

“my paysafecard” launched in six new markets

paysafecard users in Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Canada, Mexico and Uruguay are now able to manage their PINs via “my paysafecard” and profit from faster payments, and many new features. 

Managing purchased paysafecard PINs can be ­challenging for heavy users. That is why the bulk of them use “my ­paysafecard” as their product of choice. The many new ­features of “my paysafecard” are now made available to them in six new markets. These include PIN management, an ­overview of every transaction and fast payments with only a username and password.

After completing the one-time registration, consumers have all their purchased PINs in one online tool where they can get an overview of the total amount available to them. Plus, they can now pay by entering their username and ­password, without the need to type a 16-digit PIN each time. The amount is then deducted from the total amount available. Newly purchased PINs are added. Each step is transparent and can be checked at any time.

Marketing material can be downloaded from the business section of the paysafecard website under: Downloads