11 2016 | INSIDE

 11 Only one document is needed to identify new users of a "my paysafecard" account. © paysafecard

“my paysafecard” gets ID-upgrade

A new software will make the identification process for  “my paysafecard” users a lot easier.

Starting with November new users of a “my ­paysafecard” account will have to complete a much simpler identifi­cation process before starting to make payments. They can now identify themselves by uploading only one document – their passport, their ID card or their driver’s licence. After uploading a photo showing their face, they are ready to go. “The whole process will take even less time now and is a lot more convenient as there’s no need to upload a proof of residence anymore for example,” says paysafecard’s product marketing ­specialist, Sandra-­Maria Kraus. The new ID-process will be rolled out in these countries first: Greek, Spain, the UK, ­Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Norway, Cyprus, ­Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Slovakia, Ireland, Lettland, and Malta.