11 2016 | INSIDE

 11 The new MSC helps merchants to keep track of their business via paysafecard even ­better. © paysafecard

MSC enters next phase

A new version of the Merchant Service Center has been released. A bunch of new features are included, such as a new Reporting Tool and an update of the Reporting Dashboard.

The revised version of the MSC helps merchants to keep track of their business via paysafecard even ­better. Through the integrated Merchant Reporting Tool they are able to access their reporting suite through the MSC in real time, for example. They can view all reports online or download them to CSV. There are two types of reports: The ­transaction report is used for those investigations into incomplete transactions with filter criteria allowing the merchant to pinpoint very specific cases. The debit report allows them to analyse the completed transactions with full breakdown of fees and more. The Debit report is also available through our REST API so they can create custom reports with our service center and integrate it with their existing systems. Furthermore, the MRT is more user-friendly. 

Additionally the new performance dashboard gives the merchant a real-time snapshot of their transaction performances: number of transactions today, volume transactions today in MID currency, average transaction amount today in MID currency, last 7 days view of transaction count, last 7 days transaction volume in MID currency, top 5 countries in terms of transaction count last 7 days or percentage desktop vs mobile in last 7 days. This analytics dashboard will evolve within the future. To learn more about MSC, please take a look for yourself, or contact your account manager: www.paysafecard.com/msc