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 11 Users in many European countries can now pay with paysafecard in the Google Play Store. © Shutterstock/Google

Mobile Push

paysafecard’s global cooperation with Google has started this year in Poland. Since June users there can pay at Google’s Play Store with their PINs. For paysafecard this is an important next step in its mobile strategy.

After months of preparations, the time has come:Since the middle of the year, paysafecard has been cooperating with Google. From now on, customers who have no access to credit cards or online banking or who do not wish to disclose their ­financial data on the Internet for security reasons can pay with paysafecard in the Google Play Store. This is particularly a competitive advantage in Eastern European countries, because an above-average number of users prefer cash, and bank accounts and credit cards are less prevalent than in other parts of Europe.

"This great partnership is one of the most important steps in the history of our company," says Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard: "Everyone knows Google and the cooperation is therefore not only an important success for us, but also for all of our present and future customers. Our market analysis, 'Lost In Transaction II,' shows that more and more users do not want to disclose their personal account data on the Internet, as more than half of con­sumers believe that fraud is an unavoidable part of online purchasing. That is why the option to pay with paysafecard in the Google Play Store is coming at exactly the right time and will ensure sustainable growth impulses for both partners." There is a good reason for the international rollout of the partnership starting in Poland: More than one million users per year use paysafecard in this Eastern European country. They can buy their PINs in a comprehensive network of around 40,000 Points of Sale and ­gaming is a particularly lucrative industry for ­paysafecard. For both companies, Poland was therefore the right country for sounding out the potential of the partner­ship. "Google is well aware of the importance of cash as an online payment instrument worldwide and particularly in Eastern and Southeastern European countries, and with paysafecard, a partner was found who helps to close this gap in just under 40 'my paysafecard' countries," says Stefan Stöckl, who is promoting the project on behalf of paysafecard: "That is why Product Managers and ­Developers in both companies have invested a great deal, in order to enable the utmost user experience through a seamless shopping experience. But, with this, we are still a long way from reaching the end. In addition to the continuous country rollout, this customer solution is subject to constant further development and improvement."

»This great partnership is one of the most important steps in the history of our company.«

- Udo Müller, CEO paysafecard

"my paysafecard" account and Google Play Store account, for example, are linked directly for ­Polish account holders, after a one-time, ­initial authorisation. "This makes it possible to ­immediately make purchases with a single click, without needing to be held up with long registration processes," says Stefan Stöckl of one of the most ­important innovations. Both sides also made the effort to achieve many new features and technical solutions ­because the target groups are almost identical in this case. "We really have a good match. In the Google Play Store, ­games and entertainment contents, such as film & music are particularly consumed and, for nearly as long as Google paysafecard has been servicing precisely this customer group, for which the name paysafecard is synonymous with paying online."

Google also sees the new payment method as a way to improve the numbers for mobile payments using a smartphone. This strategy is obvious: Various studies predict that the use of payment methods using a smartphone will grow by up to 80 percent by 2020. For this, the security of the payment process is an important factor, as suggested by a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers on mobile payment in Germany from 2017. "Security" was clearly the most important factor for the attractiveness rating of ­mobile payment by those surveyed.

 11 “my paysafecard” account and Google Play Store­ account are linked directly for ­ account holders, after a one-time ­initial authorisation. © Shutterstock

“In the mobile payments sector, paysafecard is by far the safest method,” believes Stefan Stöckl: “The users recognize that immediately.” For them, the cooperation with Google in this area is particularly exciting for this reason. With its Android operating system, Google is one of the leading players in the mobile phone market. “This will be extremely helpful to us with the further development of our partnership with many other merchants in the area of mobile payments. In addition to this, we can now service our existing and future users virtually independently from the platform – regardless of whether it is desktop, mobile or console,” the Project Manager is certain. 

In any case, initial numbers suggest that Google and ­paysafecard are on the right path. Stöckl says that the metrics are right, according to which, nothing more stands in the way of a further rollout in all “my paysafecard” countries. Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia are live already. France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece and Spain are next on the list.