07 2018 | EDITORIAL

 11 UDO MÜLLER, CEO paysafecard © paysafecard, Renée Del Missier/Shutterstock

Let’s grow together

We live in exciting times with many challenges and opportunities. A good example is the economic situation in Brazil. For many years, this South American market was considered to be one of the most promising emerging economies. Then came a severe recession, which lasted for eight quarters. And today, this giant economy with over 200 million inhabitants is again poised to make a great comeback.

In this edition of PIN magazine, you can read about the contribution being made by e-Commerce in particular to the resumed growth of the Brazilian economy since the start of the year. paysafecard is currently becoming one of the most popular means of payment in this sector and is profiting from the fact that many Brazilians often pay online in cash. We believe that, for just this reason, this is exactly the right moment for international merchants to join us in profiting together from this new period of growth.

But new opportunities for growth also keep appearing on our own doorstep. In the new “Cases” column, for example, we reveal more about our cooperation with Toll Collect. The company is employed by the German government to collect truck tolls and has decided on paysafecard as a new payment method. Why is this especially worth reporting? Public authorities are usually required by law to offer a cash-like payment option even online. With Toll Collect, we will now be able to show for the first time that paysafecard is the best solution in such cases.

However, we do not just see online payment processes from our own very particular perspective. As part of the Paysafegroup, we do not want to be seen as a single product in the field of cash. We are one particular element of a huge product portfolio which Paysafe merchants offer in carrying out payment processes. I am sure that the new positioning of our group will contribute to paysafecard growing even faster than before. And I very much hope that you will grow with us.

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CEO paysafecard