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 11paysafecard at the “ICE Totally Gaming” 2019, in London

ICE: Totally into iGaming


The interest in the Paysafe Group's new Payments Suite solution during the most important iGaming exhibition from 5 to 7 February at the Exhibition Centre (ExCeL) in East London was enormous. Almost a thousand guests visited the impressive Paysafe stand with video walls, a widely visible LED banner and the iGaming Lab specially designed for the event. There alone, selected visitors were shown the many advantages of the new payment innovation in demos. The guests were immediately convinced by the presentation of the new possibilities for customer acquisition, customer loyalty and the increase in turnover that will be offered by "Plugging into iGaming".




What's special about the new Paysafe complete solution for payment services: Gambling merchants in the USA can offer their users an unprecedented variety of payment services, after integrating one single API.


Using Paysafe’s single integration, operators and the developers they work with, can access the full extent of Paysafe’s core, alternative and future differentiated payments services which draw on the breadth of its expertise in payment processing, acquiring, digital wallets (Skrill and NETELLER) and online prepaid solutions like paysafecard. As well as a hosted checkout for an improved customer experience, Paysafe’s API includes a business portal and refreshed developer journey for operators to manage their chosen payment integrations effectively.




By opening up access to Paysafe’s unrivalled range of payment products, the new single integration supports operators with player conversion and retention. According to new research commissioned by Paysafe*, 23% of current US sports bettors named the number of methods that they could use for making payments and receive winnings, as a key differentiator when deciding which sportsbook to wager with. Furthermore, 42% of them said that they would consider making payments for sports betting using a different method to the one that they currently use, compared to only 26% who said that they would not.


"I believe that prepaid solutions, such as paysafecard, will very significantly contribute to the success of 'Plugging into iGaming' in the USA", says Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, during the ICE in London. "We know that cash is a very relevant means of payment for Americans. Furthermore, according to the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC), around 25 % of American households are "underbanked or unbanked", so that they have either no access or only limited access to an account for processing payments. Altogether, is a total of more than 30 million households. I therefore see huge potential in this segment, not just in the USA!"




Paysafe’s new single integration helps operators to offer a streamlined player checkout experience and the ability to select several different ways to pay. Payment methods can include more traditional card acceptance options or alternative payment methods like those from Paysafe’s proprietary services paysafecard, Skrill and NETELLER, which are used by 17 million consumers around the world. As well as Paysafe’s solutions, the technology also enables operators to integrate popular payment methods from other providers.




Operators can also access a highly-customisable, behind-the-scenes business portal with analytics, financial reporting and reconciliation services that can be tailored depending on the job function of the user. The unified platform incorporates a new developer journey with easy access to the single API and the ability to seamlessly integrate Paysafe’s products into the checkout. By simplifying the process, developers can, in turn, free up resources to focus on other revenue-generating areas, such as gaming features or front-end game design.


Paysafe plans to continually enhance its iGaming integration to create a tailored experience which is suited to operator needs and supports them in future proofing the checkout experience. Its exploration of future features includes more advanced analytics, player and industry insights and dashboard reporting.




Commenting on the launch during ICE, Karim Ahmad, Paysafe’s Chief Product Officer, said: “Players want payment options which are seamless and secure, and which they don’t notice. Whether it’s traditional payments, digital alternatives or future innovations, it needs to be effortless. Paysafe has over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry and has spent a number of years partnering with leading businesses in the iGaming space, helping them to operate and scale at speed. Our solutions are established and widely recognised in this sector and cover the broadest range of payment methods, which is why Paysafe is now the unquestioned partner of choice for the iGaming industry.