03 2019 | NEWS

 11paysafecard sponsoring “ESL ONE” in Katowice

Growth phenomenon esports

paysafecard is deepening its collaboration with the Electronic Sports League (ESL) this year. As a global partner, the leading prepaid provider is not only present at tournaments such as the ESL One in Katowice Poland, where at the end of February, over three days, thousands of esports fans in the Spodek Arena cheered as 12 teams battled as part of a Dota 2 Major for a 300,000 dollars prize pool. The partnership will become even more international in 2019. For example, as the official supplier, paysafecard is sponsoring an ESL One, which will be held in the esports future market of India for the first time.



With this step, the Paysafe Group company is following a long-standing strategy: Sustainable establishment as an integral part of the global esports community. The phenomenon of esports has finally arrived in mainstream society and is creating access to an enormously interesting target group. The recently published Newzoo "Global esports Market Report" for 2019 has predicted that the valuation limit of one billion euros will be surpassed for the esports economy for the first time this year. This corresponds to a growth rate of 26.7% in comparison to the previous year. (897.2 million dollars) Another reason for this is that the enthusiasm for esports is constantly growing among viewers. That is why the number will grow by another 15% worldwide to a total of 453.8 million viewers. Of these, nearly half of the esports enthusiasts, who regularly watch esports tournaments - online or live in the stadium. This also gives Newzoo reason for a positive outlook regarding future development. The authors of the study anticipate that the esports market will already be worth a minimum of 1.8 billion dollars in 2022.


paysafecard profits enormously from this trend. Due to the availability of faster, more convenient and more secure online prepaid solutions, the paysafecard services are ideal for the payment requirements of esports enthusiasts. Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, explains: "We are proud that we are supporting ESL as one of the main sponsors for the second time in a row and are therefore contributing further to the professionalization and increased awareness of esports. The link with esports is part of our DNA - paysafecard was only invented 18 years ago in the first place, in order to offer the gaming community a simple and secure payment instrument. We are therefore full of enthusiasm and authentically close to the esports community and look forward to successful cooperation in 2019!"

Best in Class Activations

As part of the sponsorship, there will be several special paysafecard promotions and events in 2019. For example, the "paysafecard esports Hall of Fame”, in which three well-known personalities will be inducted for their achievements and their contribution to the growth of the esports industry, after voting by a jury. Or “paysafecard Beat the Legends”, a format which gives fans the opportunity to prove their skills against professional gamers or influencers live on an ESL stage, at national championships.

Furthermore, paysafecard will reward the passionate fans in esports. By taking part in the "paysafecard Ultimate Experience", they can win a trip to an ESL stadium event. paysafecard will cover all of the costs for this, including two VIP/premium tickets, visitor access to the gaming areas and backstage areas, access to the VIP area, and finally a meet & greet with professional gamers and influencers on site. All of this will naturally be documented by a photography and videography team of ESL in an after-movie.

Do you want to know more about the commitment of paysafecard to the esports community? Or are you interested in finding out how you can benefit from our activations? Then you can learn more here: www.paysafecard.com/esports, or write to: b2bmarketing@paysafecard.com