04 2018 | NEWS


This is how you benefit from our growing POS network

More and more people throughout the world have a paysafecard sales outlet on their doorstep. The paysafecard POS network now already has over 600,000 sales outlets and keeps on growing steadily: just in the last few months, several thousand new Points of Sale (POS) have joined in Europe and the MENA region.

paysafecard at Europe's largest discount chain

The largest are the Polish postal service, "Poczta Polska", with around 4,600 outlets and the German discount chain "Aldi Nord" with over 2,200 branches. The second Aldi company has thereby also joined the paysafecard sales network. "Aldi Süd" and the Austrian offshoot "Hofer" have already been selling paysafecard since last year. Even Aldi Switzerland has been selling paysafecard from March. In total, paysafecard is thereby on sale in around 4,750 Aldi markets.

Other new additions to our POS network in Europe are "Hartlauer" in Austria, "Carrefour" in Spain and "K-supermarket“ in Finland. 5,560 SAZKA shops also recently started selling the vouchers in the whole Czech Republic and paysafecard is sold in over 1,500 shops of the TIPOS chain in Slovakia.

Very good growth rates in MENA

The successes in the MENA region are also very encouraging. Here, "Arpay", "Virgin Megastores" and "Virgin Mobile stores" are important new distribution partners in Saudi Arabia. In the United Arab Emirates, Mintroute among others are extending the now roughly 1,500 POS network with "Fresh n Plus: Mart", "Telefono", "Warrior“ and "Skytelecom". In Kuwait, the recent participation of "Coop Supermarkets" with the self-service kiosk markets "Swiftel", "Enet" and "Al-AAly" currently involves around 500 POS. The numbers there will rapidly increase further. paysafecard is working hard to extend even further the largest POS market for prepaid vouchers in the world.

You can find a current overview of all sales outlets worldwide here.