11 A lot of people at very senior levels visited Paysafe's team at Money20/20. © Paysafe Group

Great turnout for Money20/20

As trade shows go, Money 20/20 in Copenhagen was more than just the usual collection of vendor booths. That´s one reason, why Paysafe will be at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas in October.

Overall, we saw a massive improvement from last year’s show,” says Danny Chazonoff, Chief Operating Officer. “It was more widely attended, with great keynote speakers; a perfect place for us to show that we continue to be a group at the forefront of payments innovation for merchants and consumers”.
That sentiment, and the sense that this was more than just another networking opportunity, was echoed by the whole Paysafe senior management team. “This was a great opportunity to reinforce our credibility in the fintech and payments worlds,” according to Joel Leonoff, Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a great assembly of the whole industry, with all kinds of opportunities. We had a lot of interesting conversations with some very significant organisations that I think will result in more business for us collectively”.

“The opportunity to meet with people at very senior levels is quite unique,” says Daniel Kornitzer, Chief Product Officer. “You can walk away from meetings with something really actionable, the beginnings of a fruitful relationship”. Ultimately, of course, the value of shows like Money 20/20 Europe will become clear in the form of benefit for consumers and merchants. Kornitzer thinks that innovation is just one aspect of delivering real value to a customer base that remains underserved by the industry at large. “Many technological and regulatory factors impact innovation and disruption, but ultimately it comes down to finding customers who are not being well-­served today.”