03 2019 | STORIES

 11Next round: paysafecard is live with Google in 5 further countries.

Google Play: next level!

Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Greece. In the largest European e-commerce markets, it is now possible for consumers to pay in the Google Play Store using their paysafecard. The cooperation between paysafecard and Google started very successfully last year in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Cyprus. So, paysafecard is now a very promising new payment method in 10 European countries for Google's target group of young gamers and millennials.


"The extension of the cooperation is a strong indication for us that Google sees the importance to diversify payment methods including prepaid solutions“, comments Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard. "Our offer helps people to pay online fast, easily and above all extremely securely. They do not need a bank account or a credit card and do not have to give any bank details. Many studies show that this is continuously increasing in importance for a rising number of consumers. Google has recognized this and decided on cooperation with paysafecard to offer an additional payment solution in this area“, says Müller.

The technical implementation of paysafecard was quite special in this case. "The IT teams invested a great deal in improving even more the customer experience and usability during payment with paysafecard in the Google Play Stores environment," comments Stefan Stöckl, Strategic Sales & Business Development Manager at paysafecard. This has meant that a ‘my paysafecard’ account and the Google Play Store can be directly connected. "That makes it possible to complete purchases at once with a single click, without having to go through lengthy registration processes. my paysafecard account holders only have to authorize the link once," explains Stöckl, as he describes one of the most important innovations.


Both sides also made the effort to achieve the new features and technical solutions because the target groups are almost identical in this case. "We have a really good match. Google Play is primarily used to obtain games and entertainment content. Over the last 10 years, we have built up a community in this area for which the name paysafecard is synonymous with secure online payment," says Stöckl.

The paysafecard prepaid solution is also a good way to improve the acceptance of mobile payment using smartphones. Almost half of all smartphone users with the Android operating system still refuse to use it to pay online by credit card. Therefore, there is still a great deal of potential for merchants to develop in this area. paysafecard is so useful in this respect because it has built up a large POS network with over 650,000 Points of Sale worldwide. This includes 40,000 sales outlets in France, 25,000 in Greece, 27,000 in Great Britain, 59,000 in Germany and 72,000 in Spain.