10 2017 | NEWS

 11 G2 Esports is a professional eSports organization located in Madrid, Spain. © G2 Esports


G2 Esports:
Ready for round 2

paysafecard and G2 Esports extend their partnership. The deal sees the sponsorship enter its second year and highlights paysafecard’s continuous support of eSports and the digital entertainment world.

As part of this association, G2 Esports’ stars will continue to be deeply involved in promotional activities with paysafecard at eSports events like the Meet & Greet session with fans at ESL One Cologne in 2017. The world's biggest CS:GO event easily reaches over 14,000 gamers on each of the main event days just in the Lanxess Arena. Added to this, viewers used various online platforms such as Twitch, Azubu,  Hitbox or Yahoo! to watch a total of 31 million hours of eSports content in 2016. 

“We at paysafecard want to support professional gamers and give something back to the community who help us to be a successful brand in the gaming community,” says Martin Vettori, paysafecard's head of B2C marketing. “We are convinced that eSports is an excellent way to reach the millenials and to tell them our story about the advantages of paying cash online with a prepaid voucher system. This will also mean we will be able to upsell them into other industries more easily in the future.” There will be plenty of opportunities to prove this throughout the year because of paysafecard’s role as an ESL Pro League partner.