11 2018 | NEWS

 11© G2 Esports/paysafecard

G2 Esports and paysafecard present
“Making The Squad”

Four winners will walk away from the world’s first interactive
casting show for Fortnite with full-time contracts with Europe’s
fastest growing eSports organization.

“Making The Squad” is one of the industry’s first team-produced reality shows, designed to source a new team of entertainers for the world’s most popular game, and is the first-ever interactive casting show produced by an eSports organization like G2 Esports. Participants will compete in a variety of challenges to prove their skill in the game and entertainment value. Fans will be a part of the action through engaging video content, streamed activities and customised challenges on social media. The contest will take place over the course of eight weeks, from call for entries to finals which will be hosted on location in Berlin. All current Fortnite content creators over the age of 16 were invited to apply to be one of the 20 chosen to compete. The top four most entertaining and talented players will secure a streaming contract with G2 Esports. For more info visit: G2 Esports.