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Fresh start as a developer

paysafecard supported the refugee education project "new austrian {coding school}" and showed 20 participants in a four-week interactive workshop how software developers work. Some of them are now employed as trainees at paysafecard and the white label solution Paysafe Pay LaterTM. in Vienna.

paysafecard is active in 47 countries. It is therefore hardly surprising that we are a multicultural, international team which is characterised by a very open and cross-border perspective, “, says Stefan Mitterhofer, 36, one of the IT team leaders at paysafecard who invest part of their working and free time to show 20 young refugees what it's like working in scrum teams.


New perspectives in IT 

Mitterhofer and his colleagues were quickly excited by the idea of opening a new perspective in IT for young people in Austria: "If one learns one thing from the work in the international environment of paysafecard, it's that one finds kindred spirits all over the world. During this project, we were able to give appropriate training to young, committed people who have the potential to become excellent developers. It gives us great pleasure that we are thereby able to give the young people the tools they need. We can very well use good programmers, both here at paysafecard and in Austria generally.


So the participants of "new austrian {coding school}, the training project for refugees“ go through a four-week interactive workshop on the theme "working in scrum teams": This now very widely-used working approach in software development involves open dialogue and clear processes. Several teams work on different specific case studies, during which the prospective programmers are supported by the team leader from paysafecard on an ongoing basis, partly using Skype sessions.


Many challenges

There were many new challenges for the young people during these four weeks: The team-based work with a solution-oriented approach to a typical practical application is as much a matter of practice as meticulous time planning and following clear instructions, which characterise the work in scrum teams. On June 20, the participants then finally presented their results in a concluding event at paysafecard.


Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, is proud of the partnership. "We want to enable people to develop and extend their expertise in a targeted way. This of course applies to our own team, but also to people whom we support outside – and are temporarily integrated in our team and our spirit. With the new austrian {coding school}, this succeeded very well: not least because the participants were very committed and highly-motivated. They learned a great deal and laid a good foundation for future professional work in this field. The paysafecard team also found these four weeks enormously enriching.


On the basis of this positive experience and in order to support the project further, Paysafe has decided to engage trainees from the refugees project both at paysafecard and in the white label solution Paysafe: Pay LaterTM, which also belongs to the Group. {code}


Stefan Steinberger, the founder of new austrian {coding school}, is equally pleased with the cooperation with Paysafe and adds: "We are pleased that our participants have had the opportunity through working with Paysafe to be able to apply the know-how that they have acquired in practice. The final presentations in the four-week projects were a great experience for the participants.


For the company, this great cooperation marks a further event in a series of projects in which the Paysafe Group has been able to demonstrate its social commitment. Thus, back in 2017, paysafecard worked with Doctors Without Borders to donate 10,000 hot meals for Syria and showed the great importance attached to taking social responsibility by Paysafe and the paysafecard team. For the company, initiatives like this are an essential part of responsible behaviour in the environment, as is also firmly stated in the "Diversity and Inclusion"strategy of the Paysafe Group.


Learn more here about the programme: https://www.newaustriancodingschool.at/


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