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 11 UDO MÜLLER, CEO paysafecard © paysafecard, Renée Del Missier/Shutterstock


Welcome to the world of PIN! With our new ­paysafecard magazine we want to put our focus on you. And on topics that are particularly interesting for our merchants and distributors. Thus every issue of PIN will be dealing with three aspects, we think are essential for being successful.­

It’s people that make businesses go strong. They’re the ones with the know-how, the ones who solve problems and push innovation. PIN wants to show, who they are. We will talk to men and women, you’ll get to know when working with us. But we also want to tell the stories of our partners. Spotify’s Daniel Ek for example. Unbelievable story!

Did you know that the growth rates in the ­Mexican Games sector easily ­outperform the market’s leaders in overall ­revenue in Asia, America and Europe? No? Then you should start reading our country ­profile on Mexico starting on page 8. This article is one example of what we try to achieve with PIN. We want to keep you up to date with background information that’s valuable for your business – and ours as well.   

A paysafecard magazine wouldn’t be complete, if we didn’t tell you what’s on our schedule for the future and what has kept us busy in the past. In the NEWSROOM and the INSIDE chapters you’ll find eveything there is to know about ­paysafecard and Paysafe group. You’ll learn about new ­products, better ways to do business with us and where the prepaid market is heading. 

I hope ­these and all the other aspects of PIN will keep you interested in our ­magazine and in our stories. Enjoy reading!

Kind regards,

Udo Müller