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 11 Among the 13 members of Team Customer Care there are native speakers from the Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, France, Italy, Germany and the United States. © paysafecard

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Strong communication skills are essential if you work for Team Customer Care. Head Joey McClain tells PIN about daily business and the funniest support cases he encountered during his career.

“I only appoint staff who are communicative, who like people and who are able to listen. That is the most important part of our job,” says Joey McClain, explaining why his team as the last port of call is able to solve nearly all customer problems to their full satisfaction. Around 88% of the questions are already successfully concluded by a paysafecard call centre in Sofia, 40% of them by telephone. The remaining 12% are complex and appear on the screens of Joey’s team. Nine of the team provide 2nd-level support, while three carry out testing from the end-user viewpoint when new products are introduced.


»I notice that more and more people use paysafecard during their vacation in
foreign countries for security reasons, when shopping online there. Especially in Germany!«



Joey McClain, Head Customer Care Team, paysafecard

LAST PORT OF CALL “We naturally have a 100% success ratio. We need to, ­since we are the last port of call,” the team leader grins: “It needs lots of understanding of people and practice to ensure that the customers are ­really satisfied. Because in some cases, we cannot really do anything. It is then important that the customer has the feeling that we have listened to him properly and taken his or her problem seriously – even if we may not be able to solve it.”  Training is therefore given for extreme situations and the conduct of conversations. Ideally, it will take three minutes from the first “Hello” to the final “Goodbye”. “During the training, my team learns how to conduct the conversation and to use strategies to understand the position of the counterpart in the conversation.” And this needs to be done in many languages. Customer Care includes a Lebanese colleague, a Syrian, two French people and two Italians as well as three Austrians, so that as far as possible the communication can always be conducted in the mother tongue. Joey McClain himself is American.


BIZARRE EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES But he too has difficulties sometimes. There are some­times quite bizarre cases. For instance, when an Australian customer put her PIN in her bra. The numbers were ­smeared and became unreadable. She therefore deman­ded her money back. “That may sound funny, but even in cases like this we need to keep calm and behave professionally, as every customer must be treated equally,” the Head of Customer Care says. A reward is that they often get very kind follow-up messages. For instance, a handwritten letter which is now on the wall of one of the offices. “This is from a customer thanking us personally for the team’s help and giving us 10 euros for the coffee fund. This sort of feedback especially motivates us to improve even further.”



»We get a lot more cases from the US or southeast Europe now. That's a great indicator that our growth strategy in these regions work.«



Eva Giannakoulas, Customer Care Team, paysafecard


»We get a lot of requests from MENA countries like Saudi Arabia by people who really would like to use paysafecard online more often. But they can’t, because some merchants still do not accept it in this region.«



Christine Kocarek, Customer Care Team, paysafecard
»I had a conversation with Alessandro the other day. He is 22 years old and absolutely mad about Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Juventus Turin now. He is a good example, why paysafecard is so often used for sports betting in Italy«
Rita Serangeli, Customer Care Team, paysafecard


»Greece proofs that paysafecard customers are absolutely fine with due diligence procedures. We only get requests if the ¬technical side doesn’t work. But very rarely does anybody question SDD or FDD-procedures themselves.«

Roberto Avallone, Customer Care Team, paysafecard


»As for many merchants the new GDPR rules take up a reasonable part of our time now. Especially the ‘right to be forgotten’ is requested very often. Fortunately as an organization we are well-prepared for this.«

Anastasiia Zaika, Customer Care Team, paysafecard