11 Affiliate technology provides the insights that help merchants in acquiring new customers. © Shutterstock

Knowledge is Power

A third of a merchant’s new customers can potentially be acquired by its affiliate programme. But merchants’ conversions will only scale these heights if their affiliate technology provides them with the insight to make smarter marketing decisions.

For 15 years Income Access’ software has empowered merchants’ marketing teams to get the best possible customer  conversions. The platform allows merchants to track, analyze and optimize every aspect of their affiliate programme. Using the software, merchants can track the entire customer journey – from the first click on an affiliate banner ad to post-­impression tracking and ultimate conversion.
Acknowledging the increasingly mobile reality of consumers, multi­ device tracking – native apps and mobile web as well as desktop – is also supported. For effective affiliate recruitment, merchants tailor their programmes’ commissions according to their market and industry focus. Income Access provides a comprehensive range of commissions. As well as enhanced functionality for the revenue share and cost per acquisition (CPA) models, the software also allows flat fees, cost per event and cost per mille (CPM) for media buy deals. Merchants can use the platform to pay affiliate commissions directly and in real-­time through the NETELLER and Skrill digital wallets.This saves time and money and also helps retain affiliates. Merchants can further support affiliate retention and maximize conversions through ad targeting. 

Using Income Access, they can target campaigns according to users’ geo-­location, language, web browser and device among other criteria. The software also enables merchants to track other marketing channels, including PPC, media buys and offline promo codes. This allows cross-­channel attribution modelling and – combined with the system’s more than 30 reports – provides merchants with the  ability to optimize the conversions for their whole acquisition strategy. “From the Income Access Network to our affiliate team and award-­winning platform, we offer merchants a one­ stop affiliate marketing solution,” says Lorenzo  Pellegrino, CEO of Income Access and Paysafe’s Digital Wallets. “As merchants’ marketing channels are increasingly interconnected, we also complement our affiliate solutions with a full-­suite of additional digital marketing services.” Whether it’s in North America, Europe or another global market, Income Access’ portfolio of products and services empowers merchants’ customer acquisition and connects their brands to a bigger future.