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A Chance, not a challenge

During my conversations with merchants and distributors a question came up quite often lately: What are the implications of the EU’s Anti­-Money Laundering Directives 4 and 5 for us? Will the new legislation affect paysafecard transaction volumes? From our experiences with such regulations, we can definitely say the answer is “no.” The new legislation even presents an opportunity.

In this issue of PIN, we focus on our experiences with market regulations in Greece, a very similar legislation to the one to be implemented throughout Europe recently. Country consultant John Tsironis tells PIN how he experienced the switch and explains why transact ion volumes were back to normal within a few days. The example even proves the positive aspects of compulsory “Know Your Customer” procedures. We can now work with the data gener ated for “my paysafecard” accounts in CRM.

We also have some other great news for you in this issue. paysafecard continues to expand and is now live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I’m very excited that we took the next step to improve paysafecard’s availability in the MENA region, which is already a very interesting and growing market for us. Meanwhile, here in Europe  paysafecard’s distribution team has significantly enlarged the POS network in Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Latvia. Great job, guys! 

Another team I’d like you to get to know are Philipp, Katrin and Patrick at Partner Marketing. In the INSIDE section, they talk about what makes them tick and how you can profit from the marketing campaigns they create. This service is pretty unique in our industry. I hope that you’ll find many other topics of interest in this  issue and will keep up­to­date with our latest news and events.

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