11 Every second European cancels planned purchases online due to security concerns. © paysafecard

48% cancel planned purchases

Every second European cancels planned purchases online due to
security concerns.

paysafecard’s European study reveals that almost 48% of all the participants across all the countries have experienced a situation, where they have cancelled or abandoned a planned purchase due to security concerns. The study, for which 4,000 Europeans in 8 countries were questioned, is a clear mandate to online shop operators and all fee-based online service providers. Purchases not even begun or abandoned during the payment process are a problem for all vendors. And the high rate of people who have experienced this demonstrates the turnover potentials lost when paying is not considered completely safe by customers.
Sharing data online is a delicate and uneasy issue. Right across Europe, only 8.4% from predominantly younger target groups expressed absolutely no concern about entering personal information. The older the person, the more sceptical they become with respect to sharing information online. Almost a fifth admitted to entering data online despite doubts and inner resistance. This conflict between gut feeling and actual action is experienced by the French particularly intensely – 28% of those asked said they enter personal details despite having doubts. At the same time, the French are, with 35%, the nation which agrees least with the statement, “I am careful with my personal information online.” According to their own declaration, Italians are the most careful in this respect, with 68% agreement.
These findings illustrate where paysafecard comes into play: for when absolutely no personal details are required when paying, the sense of security is (justifiably!) at its highest. And it is precisely this experience that paysafecard offers.